In 1992 Westwood released DUNE 2 based on the book from Frank Herbert and is considered as the grandfather of all RTS games.

After hundreds hours of play and getting completely obsessed by the game, we had a vision of re-creating the same experience on the MSX 2 system.

Initially work started on a self designed RTS game called DOOM, see screenshots below:

But after a while we switched to the highly popular Dune 2 look and feel.

So a start was made to capture the feeling of an RTS game on MSX and its name was “DOME”. This was around 1997 when the MSX system already was abandond by Sony and Philips, but the community was still alive and kicking.

DOME was our first game completely developed in Z80 assembly and targetted at MSX2 or higher system fully loaded with features that where new for us and had to be thought out. Things like:

  1. Scrolling in screen 5
  2. Mouse controls
  3. AI that had to be aware of the player and counter attacks
  4. Realtime radar

All these features where quite a challenge on a 3.58Mhz (yes 3 Mhz) 8 bit machine.