It’s unclear now when Paragon started making games exactly. It probably was sometime in the last months of 1991 that the idea of a joint project took shape. It was clear that the first effort would be a demo.

The Terminator 2 demo was up first. Like any MSX fan-made demo of that era, it was your basic hand-drawn graphics demo with horizontal text scrolling. One part drew special attention though; a scripted tech-demo highlighting various parts of the Terminator endoskeleton.

The demo was to be Paragon’s introduction and calling card. And with it, the basic roles in Paragon became clear. Antal was responsible for the coding and graphics while Leon took up design and music.

Choosing a name for the developers group proved a bit more difficult. Several ideas floated around, until a simple look in the dictionary provided ‘Paragon’Productions’. The name was used for a British furniture factory, a tech-company and many more obscure organizations. But the meaning of the word fit our goal perfectly; absolute excellence. We simply added ‘development of ideas that people really would like to see on MSX’ to our unofficial list of goals.

Since the Terminator demo, the games and demo’s of Paragon have included Rick Dangerous, the Combi-Disk, our Sim-City themed ‘Construction Craze’ and both Bomberman games.

Paragon is still here. We’re not going anywhere except back behind our MSX to flesh out new game initiatives the people would like to see developed..