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Creating games for the MSX system

Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous was our very first game, based on the loved original from the Atari 520ST.

The goal was to show it could be brought to life on MSX, but eventually grew into a loved game of its own.
It was released at the MSX Tilburg 1993 fair and met with instant success. As it was our first game, it was written in plain old BASIC. Yes folks, you CAN make a cool game that way! Rick Dangerous, to this very day, is a popular download in the MSX Resource Center database. So spin up that MSX emulator and give it a try!

After the release of Rick Dangerous we created “The extra levels” which is kind of a standalone expansion on Rick Dangerous; It contains 3 new areas with improved graphics and the same gameplay. You can find the extra levels in the download section.

A dedicated player has mapped all existing levels from both Rick Dangerous and the Rick Dangerous Extra Levels.

You can find the impressive mapping here , courtesy of only_69. Thanks, only_69!

Of course, if you haven’t played Rick Dangerous and you own an MSX, then what in the world are you doing just reading about it? The fan-mod game is available for download here.

In the media

Rick even has his own dedicated site where all platform releases, including ours, are reviewed. Have a look here.

Besides that there is a full longplay video on youtube !


Rick Dangerous was reviewed in MCCM 61:

Physical Release

Rick Dangerous was sold as a single 3.5 floppy with a custom made label. The idea was to release a boxed edition completely with manual but that never saw the light due to our inexperience and higher cost. However there is 1 and only 1 uncompleted boxed edition @ Paragon. images of that are below:

Technical data :

  • MSX 2
  • 64Kram & 128Kvram
  • Optional Music Module support